Dapper Day Fans

You might have figured out by now that we like Disney, we do dapper, and we share joy.  That said, we absolutely had to do something for Dapper Days at Walt Disney World.  Right?

Richard, Boy, and I were not planning to be at Walt Disney World’s Dapper Days this autumn, so we had to be creative.  I posted on Facebook searching for someone to help me make some random acts of joy happen and got several responses from folks willing to help.  It was heartwarming to see people wanting to team up with a practical stranger to help share kindness.

Koura with Space Dream Productions wound up being my partner in kindness.  Why am I telling you that she is with Space Dream Productions?  You will have to wait until next month to get the answer to that question, but feel free to check out what is going on at their web site in the mean time.

With Koura on my side, we were able to share some smiles at Walt Disney World during Dapper Days.  I shipped a box of fans to Koura, and she got those fans into the hands of some dapper gals.  That is right — dapper fans for Dapper Day fans!

Here is the first picture that I received of a dapper gal and her new fan.  How beautiful is she, and how gorgeous is her fan with her dress?

This plaid is a darling fabric, and that fan goes great with this gal’s smile.

How sweet is this?  Her dress certainly pulls out the blue in her fan.

This gal looks like she came straight from the past, does she not?

Oh, look!  Here is a two for one random act of joy.  I see Jasmine, and I see…wait.  You tell me.  Who is the other gal dapper bounding as?

It makes me chuckle that no matter how vintage dapper any of us dresses at Walt Disney World, the Magic Bands give away that we are in the twenty-first century.

Does this Darlin’ know how to work her dapper style?  I think so!

From crinolines to bow ties and suspenders to dress gloves to wiggle dresses to wing tips and cardigans, there is so much style to admire from fashions of the past.  That includes, of course, the hand held fans.

Even though the guys and I did not make it to Dapper Day this autumn, we could still enjoy the event through looking at people’s photographs and through seeing the smiles that Koura shared with me from these random acts of joy.

Have you ever attended a Dapper Day event?  Do you like the vintage clothing styles that are making a comeback?  What about this post makes you smile the most?

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  1. Your post Made me smile. Great one. The old lady is more than enough to bring smile in your face. And the two young ladies are angels. You should have gone there.

  2. I’ve heard of Dapper Days from my friends that LOVE to go to Disney. This sounds so neat and cool. I definitely want to go and experience this sometime! All of your pictures are so pretty and I love all the great outfits!

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