Do You Disney Bound?

Do you Disney bound?  Do you know what is Disney bounding?  Disney bounding is when you dress up as your favorite Disney character.  Well…not exactly.  While there are people who push the limits and come close to cosplay, bounding is actually more like alluding to the character and not wearing costumes.  For example, if you wanted to bound as Snow White, you might wear a yellow skirt with a blue top and a red bow in your hair.  Can you picture it?  You would not be dressed in a Snow White costume, yet people — at least Disney fans — would be able to recognize that you were bounding as Snow White.  Fun, right?

My family enjoys Disney bounding.  I probably enjoy it the most, but we all have fun with it.  We were on vacation at Walt Disney Worlds and had learned that Marie, from The Aristocats, was going to be leaving her place near the flag pole in Magic Kingdom.  What?!

We all got dressed, drove to Walt Disney World, parked the car, rode the tram, walked to the ferry, cruised across the water….  If you go to Magic Kingdom, you know that getting in to the park alone is an adventure.  Haha.  When we finally got through the gates and got to the spot where Marie was meeting people, it was time for her to leave to take a litter box break.  No worries!  We are not quitters, and we were on a mission to meet Marie.  What did we do?  We waited.

All of the sudden, I was being practically knocked off of my feet with a big hug from behind!  As the people around me told me afterward, Marie had come back from her break and saw me.  She then made a beeline (a kittyline?) for me and gave me an excited hug.  That experience alone made the trip to Magic Kingdom worth it.

Center picture of Marie is from

What about the rest of my family?  I did say that we all got dressed, right?  The guys were there, too!  As a matter of fact, Marie was having so much fun with us that she kept coming up with new ideas for poses and would not let us leave.  She was a hoot (a meow?) and made the experience extra special for us.

It was absolutely entertaining how amusing was Marie’s reaction when Boy told her, “You’re nothin’ but a sister.”  Have you never seen The Aristocats?  Peek here.  We were definitely enjoying that day!

Let Us See Some Other Disney Bounds

Disney bounding is pretty popular.  Here are some pictures of some of our friends who also enjoy Disney bounding.  Ray and Joanie put together these outfits and went bounding as Stinky Pete and Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story.  If you did not know any better, you might think that they were wearing regular clothes.  Disney fans know better!

Stinky Pete and Mrs. Potato Head pictures from Disney Wiki Fandom

This is Traci, and I chose to share this picture with you because Traci is bounding as my all time favorite Disney character.  I did not put a character image next to her because if you do not know who Dumbo is, then I do not even know what to say. 😉 I am kidding, of course.  Traci designed and created this outfit and even has a sweet Dumbo on her skirt.  If you know the story of Dumbo, then you know the significance of that feather in her hat!

Of course, some people go beyond characters to bound.  They might bound as Space Mountain.  Another may bound as the red roses from Alice in Wonderland.  Someone might bound as Disney transportation.  A person may even do something like Marina did and design and create an outfit to bound as Mary Poppins’ Jolly Holiday parasol.  You can let your imagination go wild!

Bird on Marina’s Hat by Quirky Critters

Back to you.  Do you Disney bound?  If you never have, maybe you have learned something new today.  Are you thinking about it now?  What character would you bound as if you were going to go for it?  The next time that you visit a Disney place, maybe you will step outside of your norm and let your creative juice flow.  Happy bounding, and be sure to enjoy yourself!

Orange Bird picture from Disney Wiki Fandom

20 Replies to “Do You Disney Bound?”

  1. We’ve been to Disney a few times, but this looks like a really fun way to experience it. Maybe we will do it on our next trip! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. We love Disney. I wasn’t aware of Disney bounding. Very great info. Might have to let creativity kick in on our next trip. I love love love your choice. FYI your blog is fabulous. ❤️ I plan to try my hand at one one day myself.

    1. Ooh, you probably saw lots of fun bounds. Marie is one of my favorites, which is why we did that bound. Dumbo is my all time favorite Disney character.

  3. I love the idea of Disneybounding. Haven’t tried it yet but definitely will soon.
    What exactly do you mean when you said you heard Marie would be leaving her place near the flagpole?

    1. Minnie, as you probably know, different characters are at different spots throughout the parks. Marie was near the flagpole but was going to be leaving there. There were rumors about whether she would pop up somewhere else or not, and we did not want to miss the opportunity to meet her while we knew that we could.

  4. I love seeing everyone Disney Bounding at WDW. I love Stinky Pete and Mrs. Potato Head! I haven’t made the leap myself yet, but I do have my costume ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I’m rockin’ the Mad Madam Mim! Thanks for sharing with #disfanchat.

  5. Until a few days ago I had never heard of Disney Bounding. I am admittedly not a Disney fan and can count the number of times I have been to any of the parks easily. It is once and it was 20 years ago. That said this is super cool and I could totally see getting into it if we go. My daughter is campaigning hard so who knows, it may be sooner than I know.

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