Giveaways, Games, and Fun!

Hello, hello, hello, and hello!  I am super excited to announce that we are having some fun this month with interaction, giveaways for some folks in the USA, and the opportunity for you to discover some new to you places to do your gift shopping.  Scroll down to see what will be gifted and to see the many ways that you can enter for the opportunity to receive one of them.

Oh, and by the way, we will have some fun and random giveaways on the Enjoying the Days social media accounts, as well, so be sure to like and follow and all of that good stuff. 😁

Before I show you the gifts that various businesses will be giving away, I want to encourage you to please read this whole post, see what is being shared, and comment below to tell us one or two things that you would not mind arriving at your mailbox!

🎁 Gift #1
TRU Woodworking makes gorgeous, hand crafted wooden crosses, walking dogs, wooden race cars, toys, Christmas decorations, and so much more.  TRU Woodworking also makes custom signs, urns, and other hand crafted items in a variety of woods and colors.  Check out TRU Woodworking’s web site to see some items yourself!

For this promotion, TRU Woodworking will be giving a prayer cross to someone.  A prayer cross is designed to fit comfortably in the grasp of a hand.  It gives a person something physical to hold on to when they are spending time in prayer.  The prayer cross will be made of a wood that is in stock.  It will be a beautiful gift for someone!

🎁 Gift #2
Mitsi’s Marvels offers unique and nostalgic costume jewelry as well as sterling silver pieces.  You can find classic vintage jewelry as well as military inspired pieces and so much more with very affordable prices.  Be sure to visit Mitsi’s Marvels and see what might be a good gift idea for someone that you know this season.  Chances are that you can find a gift that nobody else will have or be able to find!

For this promotion, Mitsi’s Marvels will be sending the beautiful, vintage, Christmas tree pin to one person.  For you vintage lovers, does this pin take you back to your younger days?  It makes me smile with nostalgia.

🎁 Gift #3
Girls like pearls, so be sure to check out Mermaids and Oysters and like their Facebook page so that you can be kept up to date with all of the goodies that Marie has to offer.  What is so neat about this business is that you can purchase an oyster, and Marie will open it live for you to see what is inside!  Then you can take the oyster as it is or choose a piece of jewelry in which to display your pearl when you see what it looks like.  It is like a surprise treat every time!

Picture is for display and not necessarily what will be in the oyster.

For this promotion, Mermaids and Oysters will choose an oyster for you and open it to reveal what is inside.  Marie can open your oyster live on Facebook so that you can watch, too.  After she releases your pearl from its oyster shell, Marie will put your pearl into a bracelet and send it to you.  I think that it will be a happy mail say when that arrives!

🎁 Gift #4
Thirty-one is a brand that many people know or even have.  Thirty-one has cute bags, purses, and organizational items, some of which can even be personalized to make special gifts.  Do you like bags?  Does your lady?  To see what Kelly with Thirty-one is sharing, offering, doing, feel free to join her Facebook group.  To browse and maybe do some shopping yourself, you can visit Kelly’s Thirty-one web site.

For this promotion, Kelly’s Thirty-one will be sending the gift of this Super Swap-It Pocket in the Geo Pop pattern to someone for them to enjoy or give as a gift.  For what would you use this bag if you received it?  Maybe you would like to visit Kelly’s web site and see what other patterns are available.

🎁 Gift #5
Here at Enjoying the Days, sometimes we are having so much fun that we forget what time it is.  We have on occasion even forgotten what day it is.  With that in mind, we thought that it might give a smile to someone who tends to lose track of time if they received this watch.  Thus, this is our contribution.

🎁 Gift #s 6 through ?
Remember when I mentioned that we will also do some random giveaways throughout the month?  We have a beautiful painting displaying the Fruits of the Spirit, we have a manicure for someone, and who know what else? 😉

We hope that you will have fun with us during this promotion, and please be sure to enter every day at

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now for some not so fine print.  We will be running this promotion from November 1st through November 22nd.  Those chosen by Rafflecopter will be announced in a blog post after that date.  If you are chosen, you will be asked to respond within seventy-two hours and then give the United States address to which you would like the item(s) shipped to the business who will be sending it.  Each business is requested to ship their gift by the end of November and provide a tracking number to the winner.  The gifts are being given by the businesses listed, and Enjoying the Days takes no responsibility in the condition of the item or in replacing the item if it does not arrive.

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  1. I love your enthusiasm for life, love of family and zest for bringing people together. The giveaways are great. Perhaps I shall participate in the next one. My dream is to also have a blog one day and yours is amazing. 🙂

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