Goofy on Space Mountain

Do you have a place that you enjoy visiting?  A lot?  We do!  We like to visit The Mouse a few times a year, and we have some traditions that may be goofy (no offense to Goofy if we embarrass him), yet they are ours.  One of our traditions is to try to take a different picture each time that we ride Space Mountain.  Why?  Because we can.  Do we need another reason to smile and laugh?  Here are a few of those pictures to give you a smile, too.

Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, we are on Space Mountain!

Yes, we are childish, but we are having fun!

It takes strength and courage to plummet to Space…Mountain.

We are in the jungle.  Oo-oo-ah-ah!

Be fierce!

Where are we going?
Over there?
No, over there.
Are you sure?
I do not know.
Just hold on!

It is bonus fun when total strangers play along.
This gal rocks.

We are soarin’!  Oh, wait, that is a different ride.

Where to next?
Let it be a surprise!

Feel free to make a suggestion for a goofy or funny picture that we might take on Space Mountain the next time that we head to one of our favorite vacation destinations because we will probably be there soon enough.

Does your family or group of friends like to create playful ways to amuse yourselves?  Do you have a fun tradition like this?  Tell us about it below!

4 Replies to “Goofy on Space Mountain”

    1. Yes, I am! We sit from smallest to largest each time that we ride Space Mountain as a family. Our pictures are consistent that way. The time with that other gal was a bonus ride in the middle seat. Haha.

    1. We have not been to Disneyland yet. It is interesting that the same rides are different, yet it makes sense because people will want variety when they go to both parks. One day we will get there!

  1. This is so great! It will make a wonderful book/collage for memories later! Collect Moments, Not Things is my tagline, and this is exactly that! Best goofy picture we ever had…..snuck a pretzel on Space Mountain and have a picture chowing down on the ride! Thanks so much for sharing!

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