How We Went to Carolina Renaissance Festival

My guys and I decided to go to Carolina Renaissance Festival, and it turned out to be a day full of enjoyabilities.  Yes, I just made up that word.  Before I get into more, though, let me start by giving a shout out to Juli Simmons — check out her Facebook page because you might want to connect with her if you are in the LKN area — and also to Lisa Jay with The Destination Magazine.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.

I had posted on Facebook on Friday asking if there were any coupons floating around the area for Carolina Renaissance Festival so that we might save a few dollars an admission.  Someone suggested Chick-fil-A, so I made a quick telephone call to check.  They did have coupons, so I scooted over there to get one.  Yes!  The coupons were for buy one, get one free.  You cannot get much better than that, right?  Wait.

As a side note, if you are planning to attend a Renaissance Festival, or possibly any local festival that charges an admission, it is good to look around ahead of time.  Area businesses may have coupons or discounted tickets available.  After all, who does not enjoy saving a bit of money?

A Last Minute Surprise

Saturday morning, we were getting ready to leave to go to the RenFest.  I got a message from Juli asking if I was looking for tickets because she knew somebody who had some extras.  Um…yes!  Juli connected me with Lisa from Destination Magazine, and Lisa was kind enough to share two tickets with my family.  How great is that for a random act of joy?

By the way, the Destination Magazine™ is the free monthly day trip guide for community, cultural and culinary destinations in the Western Piedmont Region of North Carolina.  It is available in print and online, so be sure to check it out to get some new and enjoyable ideas for yourself!

Now I say in my best infomercial voice, “…but wait — there’s more!”  On this particular Saturday, when a child brought school supplies to donate, he or she could get into the Renaissance Festival free.  What?  That is right.  We happen to have a preponderance of new school supplies because families who do school at home should always be prepared.  What do you think we did?  Of course we packed a bag of markers, crayons and glue sticks and brought that bag with us to donate.

What does all of this mean?  It means that through the kindness of a couple of local business owners and the opportunity to donate to a good cause, we were able to attend Carolina Renaissance Festival for free, a savings of $65 for our family!

We Will Share More Later

Can you believe that we do not have one picture of the three of us together?  Here is a picture of us all bundled in layers and standing with Magpie after the joust.  It was a cold day, yet that did not take away from the oodles of fun that we enjoyed.

Thank you again to Juli and Lisa for their random act of joy.  Thank you to YOU for reading this far.  I hope that you will come back later to read about what we did once we arrived at Carolina Renaissance Festival.  Seriously.  Come back to learn about some of the enjoyabilities that I mentioned earlier.  You might find yourself wanting to take a trip to the Carolina RenFest next year!

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