I Can’t.

Hello, hello, Friends and…well…More Friends!  This is my very first blog post and is being posted before the site is even finished.  However, I decided to post this quick video for those who have gone or are going back to school.  Actually, this is not only for students and teachers.  This is for everyone who has ever thought or said, “I can’t.”  Enjoy it.  Comment to tell me what you think.  Then be sure to come back again to see what we have done with EnjoyingtheDays.com!

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8 Replies to “I Can’t.”

  1. I LOVE THIS! I tell my kids this all the time. We always add the word YET to when our kids say they can’t do something. They can’t do it YET….just like you said, if you could already do it, then you wouldn’t be learning it now :).

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