Make Me Monday

For your amusement and mine, I am going to ask you to help me with my Make Me Monday posts.  On the first Monday of each month, for as long as you participate and I decide to keep doing it, I will make my blog post about the topics that you choose.  This could be great fun or totally boring.  Ha!  Hopefully it will not be the latter.  Below is a list of ideas.  Comment with whichever topics you like, and for next Monday I will address the top three choices.

Share a self portrait.
Tell us about your family.
What pet peeves do you have?
What is something that you miss?
What are things that you do on the trampoline?
What are some words that you like to say?
Where is somewhere you would like to visit?
What is something about which you are currently worrying?
What are nicknames you have?  Why do you have them?
What have you changed the in last two years?
Who is your favorite Disney character?
What is your favorite ride at each of the four WDW parks?
What advice do you have for people who work with children?
What is a helpful tip?
Share a throw back memory.
Post a fill-in-the-blank.
Interview someone…about anything.
Take the thirty day Disney challenge.
What is a great desire of yours?
What is something that you would like to say to an ex?
What are three random things for which you are grateful?
Share something from the Bible.
Share everything that you ate yesterday.
Take a walk and share what you see.
Watch no television for a whole day.  What did you do?
Ride no elevators for a week.
Drink a smoothie a day for seven days.
What is your favorite style?
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Thank you for playing along, and I am curious to see what topics get chosen!

15 Replies to “Make Me Monday”

  1. I am grateful for some many things, I can not list them all. I am grateful to be alive for a wonderful family, for my dogs, house on the lake, the opportunity to help children read. I am grateful for God’s mercy and grace!!!

    1. Carol, those are all special things and great reasons to be grateful. Thank you for sharing. Are you voting for three random things for which I am grateful?

  2. Thoughts on loss and remembrance and siblings – Dad took us to the turtle crawls in Key West when I was about 4 years old. My older sister thought it would be great fun to knock me off the wooden walkways into the pond with the turtles, Instead of falling in, I caught my balance and accidentally knocked her new little doll out of her hand. Watching it fly out over the water and drop into the pond brought me great satisfaction. One of the larger turtles surfaced, grabbed the toy with its mouth, and submerged still gripping it tightly. To this day, she blames me for the loss of that tiny plastic doll.

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