November Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the November giveaways!

We at Enjoying the Days had fun.  The businesses who are sending you the gifts are appreciated.  Hopefully you enjoyed all that you saw!

We posted the winners on social media and also sent an email.  Posting here on the blog is the last notification that we will give.  As stated in the original post, any gifts not claimed within seventy-two hours of this page being published will be forfeited, and new winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter.

If you were chosen for a gift, then please email with the USA shipping address where you would like the item sent.

With no further hesitation, the results are in!

Prayer Cross given by TRU Woodworking

Congratulations to Kristi B. for having your name drawn by Rafflecopter to receive this gorgeous, hand crafted cross.


Christmas Tree Pin given by Mitsi’s Marvels

John H., you are the person who was chosen by Rafflecopter to receive this beautiful, vintage pin.  I think that I had one like this years ago!

Oyster Opening & Bracelet given by Mermaids and Oysters

Nicky H., you were chosen to receive not only the gift but also the live experience of discovering your oyster.  It is a double treat.


Thirty-one Bag given by Kelly’s Thirty-one

Pat J. is going to be thrilled to receive this bag.  I wonder if she will keep it or use it as a gift.  What will she use it to carry?  The mystery may never be solved.

Whatever Watch given by Enjoying the Days

I wonder if Samantha M. will ever be on time because this watch may not be much help to her.  Enjoy it, anyway, Samantha!


This was a bonus giveaway that was for those who live in the area where this business is.  Enjoying the Days is treating one person to a manicure at Divinity Salon & Spa in Mooresville.  Who does not like a bit of pampering?
Congratulations to Kristi B.!

Fruits of the Spirit Painting given by BJ Black
This last giveaway is a beautiful, bonus gift by North Carolina artist, B.J. Black.  Wheel Decide chose Rachel C. to give this colorful and meaningful painting a home.

Remember, winners, that you have seventy-two hours to claim your gifts by emailing

If you were not chosen to receive one of these gifts, please be sure to visit the web sites of the businesses directly.  You entered because you liked the items, so maybe you will find more of the same or other items that you like even more.  Happy shopping.

OH!  I almost forgot to tell you that we will be hosting another giveaway* in January, so be sure to subscribe to Enjoying the Days, visit often, and see what is to come!

*If you have a business and would like to give a gift for the January giveaways, please contact to find out more.  Thank you!

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