Smile Because

Did you know that smiling can actually make the person doing it feel good?  Yes, that means you!  Do you not believe me?  Put it to the test!  Smile right now.  Go ahead.  Do it.  Smile big!  Are you doing it?  How does that make you feel?  Now go look at yourself in the mirror and smile.  Smile sweetly.  Smile prettily.  Smile playfully.  Have fun with it!

Did you know that you smiling can have a positive effect on someone else, too?  You can look someone in the eye and grin, and their mood may change.  Sometimes when I am walking and see someone who looks like they are feeling blah, I look them straight in the eye and smile.  My favorite reaction is when a person looks surprised that somebody smiled at them, and then they give one in return with what looks like an actual bit of happiness on their face.

Do you like to smile?  Some people seem to be smiling most of the time.  Some people do not ever seem to.  Do you need some inspiration?

50 Reasons to Smile

  1.  Waking up to experience another day.
  2.  Smiling can improve your mood.
  3.  Seeing a butterfly.
  4.  Finding a penny on the ground.
  5.  Getting a card in the mail.
  6.  Smiling makes you more approachable.
  7.  Hearing children play.
  8.  Finding out what you want to buy is on sale.
  9.  Someone holding a door for you.
  10.  Going for a leisurely walk and enjoying the scenery.
  11.  Smelling fresh cut grass.
  12.  Seeing the beautiful colors of a sunset sky.
  13.  Getting a compliment from a total stranger.
  14.  A tall glass of water on a hot day.
  15.  Hot chocolate on a cool day.
  16.  Doggies.
  17.  A delicious meal.
  18.  Paying it forward
  19.  Looking at old photographs.
  20.  Seeing a flock of geese fly overhead.
  21.  Receiving a telephone call from someone you love.
  22.  Cookouts with friends.
  23.  Green lights when you are driving somewhere.
  24.  Singing in the shower.
  25.  Smiling can make you look younger.
  26.  Exercise that makes you feel good.
  27.  Adult coloring books.
  28.  The smell of rain.
  29.  Somebody else needs it.
  30.  Raw brownies aka brownie batter.
  31.  Seeing flowers
  32.  Hearing old family stories.
  33.  Hearing music that you like.
  34.  A clean, empty, kitchen sink.
  35.  Goofy cat antics.
  36.  Sunshine reflecting off of water.
  37.  Laundry finished.
  38.  Quiet time alone.
  39.  Seeing a baby.
  40.  Donating clothes, food, money, time.
  41.  Lightning bugs.
  42.  Fresh bread, hot out of the oven.
  43.  Seeing a rainbow.
  44.  The feeling of fresh bed sheets.
  45.  Old television shows.
  46.  Seeing a success, your own or someone else’s.
  47.  Driving past a farm and seeing horses or cows.
  48.  Seeing your beautiful child smile.
  49.  For Disney visitors, when someone gives you their paper Fast Pass because they are not going to use it.
  50.  Because you can.

Now you can do two more things.  Smile because you read this list, of course!  Then comment below, and tell share what was one of your favorite reasons to smile on this list or another reason that is not on this list.  Enjoy the smiling!

11 Replies to “Smile Because”

  1. Oh I loved this! You had me smiling in the first paragraph. Such a sweet post. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m smiling right now as I write this. I’m going to share this post to my FB blog page and I’m sure that will bring a smile to your face. So thank you for writing this and for making me smile. Now I’m paying it forward. 🙂

  2. This is such a lovely post. It had me smiling broadly by the end, and now I am humming a happy tune to myself! I guess it’s about taking joy in the small things we take for granted. I agree – there’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread, straight from the oven. Thank you.

  3. Really smile is an important part of our life. When we feel happy we express it by smiling.It refreshes our mind and we feel joyful. Every single thing that makes us happy is a reason for smiling.Nice writing and beautiful smiling picture.

  4. Such a needed post to read this morning! The world needs smiles and hugs and love all over the place right now! One of my favorite reasons to smile is fresh bed sheets too! I thought I was crazy with that one. Turns out I am not alone 🙂 Great post!

  5. Smile for no reason at all. Just because.
    We, Indonesian, are known to grin from ear-to-ear quite often and easily. Life is simple. We just tend to over complicate things. Keep on smiling! 🙂

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