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There was a local chat room for the area.  A gal who spent some time there decided to throw a party with a friend and invite the people from that chat room to get to know some others from the area.  If I can remember correctly, eighty-seven people were in attendance.  One of those people was the guy.

The gal and the guy met one another, as well as many other people.  A group of those folks got along well and decided to meet for dinner together the following week and get to know one another better.  When the evening of the dinner arrived, the gal and the guy were the only two to arrive.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Moving forward, we got married, had a beautiful son, and are doing what we can to enjoy as much of this life that God has given us as we are able to fit into our days.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, so we try to find the joy wherever we can.  We find adventures locally, we find new places to travel and explore, we enjoy trying and reviewing new to us products and companies, we find smiles in acts of kindness toward others, we hope to inspire, and we absolutely encourage you to find ways to enjoy the days in your life, as well!

My name is Dawnmarie.  My main goals in life are to please God, love my family, and be kind to others.  I am many things to many people including wife, momma, Certified Health Coach, Disney fan (Dumbo will always be my favorite.), occasional pinup model, product reviewer, taekwondo black belt, actor, karaoke dork, and, of course, blogger.  While you will mostly read what I share on this blog, you may see posts from my guys from time to time.  With that in mind, let me introduce you.

Richard is my awesome husband and an amazing man.  He is as sharp as a tack and as smart as a whip.  His generosity never seems to end, and he has such a heart for serving others.  Richard is often at a computer, either for work or to help me.  EnjoyingtheDays.com might not be here without his guidance, as I am still learning.  He is super cool dad, an absolutely amazing chef (If you have eaten his cooking, then you know!), a 2nd degree black belt, and a great guy to know!

Boy is the greatest gift that God could have given us.  He is every child’s friend.  He is giving and kind.  Boy is a 2nd degree black belt (Do you see a theme in my family?), enjoys tricking, has a blast playing sports, likes video games, and wants to either be a stunt actor or a video game coder when he grows up.  He is also working on building up his YouTube Channel at Why Not Cyan?, so feel free to subscribe and leave him some comments.  Currently, Boy is working on a book for children.

Thank you for stopping by to learn a bit more about us, and I hope that you will enjoy what we have shared and will share here at Enjoying the Days!

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