Which one are you?

Must watch video!  Seriously.  This boy is spot on.  We could all use a little reminder sometimes to inspire us.  This short video may be the reminder that you need today — even if you did not know that you needed one.

Let Yourself Be Inspired

Boy will be posting more uplifting videos, as well as fun and adventure.  Feel free to subscribe to his channel called Why not cyan?  Your children can follow him, too!  Oh, and one last thing.  He gets joy from your comments and likes, so please leave him back a bit of encouragement.  Thank you!  What are your favorite kinds of videos on YouTube?

24 Replies to “Which one are you?”

    1. Melissa, thank you for the kind words. If everyone is honest, we all struggle with that from time to time. Boy is glad that you liked his video.

  1. very impressive video and story.. Keep of the good job young man and you will have opportunities open up for you when you get older. I am happy to see that your parents are guiding you into something that will help you in your future. So many parents in the past and present don’t encourage their children to take action steps now for future career opportunities.

    Be fearless in everything you set out to accomplish!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement for Boy. He is a bright, friendly, determined little boy, and we believe in him. You are right that too many people do not encourage. They even discourage children, and that is not acceptable in our world. Make today amazing!

  2. I don’t watch a ton of videos on YouTube. But I do watch meditation videos from time to time. Well, I don’t really watch them as much as I listen to them. But they can be really inspirational, just like this one. And it can be great to find inspiration wherever you can. On certain days, you really need it.

  3. Love the video! I agree so much. The world is what you make of it and being positive helps turn all negativity away. I am a very positive person myself and try hard each and every day to make people smile. Good job!

  4. So true. What a wonderful reminder ! Sometimes it is easy to choose to be negative. Sometimes it is hard to choose to see the positive possibilities! Thank you for the reminder H!

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