Is it time for family photos?

When is the last time that you had family pictures taken?  For many, it is not something that is done regularly even though we like to look back at pictures from the past.  The memories that pictures bring to our minds can fill us with so many emotions.  Who does not like pictures?

One day the telephone rang, and a woman who called herself Cindy told me that I had won a free photo shoot and pictures.  Was this for real?  My family visited the Race City Festival in North Carolina.  Of the 200 or so vendor booths on the streets, one of them was a photography studio that was coming to the area.  I filled out a drawing slip because…why not?  It turns out that first prize was the hood from a race car, and second prize was this studio package.  I really did win!

With this news, it occurred to me that we had not had family pictures done since 2011, well over six years ago.  How did that happen?

Photo by Carrie Upchurch

While these pictures with our sweet, little guy’s smile make us smile ourselves, it might be time for some updated photographs.

Photo by Carrie Upchurch

We did not know much about this place except for that it was a photo studio.  We coordinated our schedules, made an appointment, and met at Choice Photo Studios in Mooresville, NC.  One of the beneficial things about this place is that they only schedule one client at a time.  When we arrived, we received dedicated attention.  We were directed to the dressing room, got ready, and were off to the studio for some fun!

Our photographer was Cindy, and Cindy clearly enjoys her job.  We played.  We posed.  We laughed.  Because Choice Photo Studios only schedules one client at a time, we had the whole place to ourselves.  Because we are us, we had to have fun with it.

Dare to Be Different
My Dapper Husband
Book Jacket or Album Cover?
One of My Favorites

Is Your Family Ready?

So there you have it.  We now have current family photographs.  Would we recommend Choice Photo Studios in Mooresville to anyone else?  Absolutely.  We did not have the opportunity to work with any of the other photographers, yet we did enjoy our time spent with Cindy.  Additionally, after your photo session, Choice Photo Studios does not surprise you with the need to buy expensive pictures.  While we did win this photo session, the regular rates are affordable.  Choice Photo Studios is certainly a place where you can put together some memories and go home with pictures that you will treasure.  Give them a call at 704-360-4331 to set up a time for yourself.

Of course, because we are us, there would have to be some goofiness involved.  After all, we are all about enjoying the days!

Comment below and tell us when is the last time that you had family pictures done.  Has it been that long?

14 Replies to “Is it time for family photos?”

  1. I absolutely love taking pictures. I always have a ton everywhere I go. My friends kind of groan and moan when we take some but I don’t care – I make them do it! My mom always had a ton of albums everywhere.

    1. Lauren, I chuckle because I know what you mean. People have groaned at me, as well, when I am setting up and taking a picture. After the fact, though, they smile and comment on how fun the pictures are. Haha. People will appreciate you for that even if they do not say it.

  2. Thank you Dawnmarie for trying Choice Photo Studios. I enjoyed myself immensely! Your family is certainly enjoying the days! Your son is exceptionally photographic as well as sweet. Come back and see us again. Let’s have some more fun!

    1. Of course it counts! May was not that long ago. Besides, if you are getting married, then you will have lots of current pictures. 😉

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