My Invisalign Adventure

Usually, we host a big Thanksgiving dinner and open our home to folks who do not have anywhere to go or who would simply like to share the days with other friends.  It always proves to be a happy day, and we enjoy many smiles.  This year we decided to do something different and use Thanksgiving week to go away and spend time as a family.  Our location of choice was Williamsburg, Virginia.  Since Boy has been studying Revolutionary times, it seemed apropos to travel to Colonial Williamsburg and experience some of the pieces of history in person.  We were excited to make this trip!

We had some educational experiences, we saw some fascinating places, and we absolutely enjoyed activities in the area.  I will write more about that later, though.

For now, I hope that you will humor me and let me tell you about my Invisalign adventure during our last night in Williamsburg.  By let me tell you, I mean that you should keep reading.  <wink>

Since it was late when we returned from our adventures for the day, we decided to visit an all night diner.  I took out my Invisalign to eat.  For those of you who might not know, Invisalign is an alternative to braces for teeth…and removable.

During our time at the restaurant, we got to chatting with a gal at a nearby table.  After a while, we wound up sitting at her table with her and sharing friendly conversation.  While we were at the other table, our waitress decided that she wanted to get our table cleaned.

Yep.  You guessed it.  She threw away my Invisalign.

After we wrapped up our conversation and went back to our table to grab our jackets, the lack of my Invisalign trays on the table was not immediately apparent to me.  Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.  We went back to our hotel.  I started to go to the bathroom to floss and brush my teeth and put my trays back into my mouth, and…gasp!

I phoned the diner.  The waitress said that she looked, but I did not have faith that she really did because who wants to look in the garbage for something that was in someone else’s mouth?  Thus, my family and I, at about 1:30 the morning, trekked back to the dinner.  Though it had been less than half an hour, a different server was working her shift at that time.  This person was super kind and understanding.  She told us a story about how she had actually gone so far as to climb into the dumpster one time in search of something that she had lost.  Hopefully we would not have to go that far.  Actually, I would not go that far because…ew.

This lovely lady escorted us back through the kitchen, showed us where the latex gloves were, and even grabbed a pair of gloves for herself.  Then she showed us where the garbage pails were and proceeded to help us look.  She was fabulous!

Would you believe that on top of the very first garbage pail, still wrapped in the place mat from our table, was the Invisalign?  There was nothing slimy dumped on top of it.  It was not touched by anything nasty.  The trays were as I had left them.  WOW!  How amazing is that?  Praise the Lord!  We were all so happy.  I think that we shared a collective sigh of relief.

We went back to the hotel, and I decided to soak the trays in hot water.  Then, even though they had not touched anything, I still wanted to give them a proper, deep cleaning.  After all, I am me, and any chance of cooties is not acceptable.  Since we were going home that day, I was okay with not wearing the trays for less than a day.

In the waking part of the morning, we packed and got ready to head home.  I carefully packed the Invisalign trays so that I could get them thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as soon as we got home and put them back on my teeth.

We arrived home, and I went to get the trays and give them a deep cleaning.  Can you believe that those things are nowhere to be found?  Nowhere.  Richard and I have gone through every piece of luggage, every bag, every nook and cranny of our things.  Nothing.  Gone.


Tomorrow morning I will have the joy of contacting my orthodontist’s office to tell them that I have lost my trays.  On the bright side, though, when I get the next set of trays, I will be a week ahead of schedule!

Do things like this happen to anyone else?

8 Replies to “My Invisalign Adventure”

  1. I used to throw away my retainer all the time when I was a kid. Boy was my mom pissed. Now I am trained to always check my seating area and tray before I toss anything in the trash even though I stopped wearing a retainer.

  2. When my brother gpt his braces off braces (30 years ago), I remember he had to wear a retainer. I declare every time he took it out to eat lunch at school or in public he eould forget it!. Hee had to carry the retainer box (bright red) that you put it in at night, & set it on t he table in front of him so he wouldn’t forget his retainer when he got up.

  3. Oh man!! Maybe their was a silver lining to you losing them the second time- like something yucky really did touch them!! How are they working for you? I have been doing research on them.

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